Gripp Caribbean K-9 Unit

Dog handler is a specialized direction within the Safety & Security product group and is characterized by a professional view and passion for working with dogs.
Thanks to the very well-developed senses of the dog in combination with its handler, they are of great value in the Safety & Security industry.
Each combination is certified according to the requirements for the direction in which they work.
Our teams work closely with the local police and if necessary to support their services.
Within our K9 unit we have not only patrol dogs but also detection-, search and rescue dogs.

Our Explosive Detection Dog handlers are European certified Bombscouts IED private sector. A team of EDD (Explosive detection) always consist of two handlers and one certified explosive detection dog.

Patrol dog teams

Our certified patrol dogs teams are a big advantage as at events, the security of buildings not only by day time but certainly during the nightly hours.
Thanks to the excellent senses of the dogs, a team of human and dog are of great value during these services.

A well-trained team of dog and handler can quickly replace the deployment of 2 security guards and be used by:
  • Mobile Patrol,
  • Sports events,
  • Bankruptcies and seizures,
  • Construction, demolition and renovation projects,
We consider options with a higher risk such as:
  • Preventive observations, for example suspicions of theft
  • Bankruptcies and seizures,
  • Faster tracing and locating of unwanted visit by using the dog's senses,
  • Provide Safety & Security of persons and their homes at an increased risk of any nature. For this we have specialists including special trained patrol dog (CPDH)

The above are just a few examples of using our Patrol dog teams.

Crime Scene detection dogs


Crime scene dogs are used worldwide at crime scenes to identify evidence.The experiences and test results indicate that the olfactory system of Crime Scene Detection Dogs (CSD) is more sensitive than current scientific instruments.
It has been shown that most Crime Scene Detection Dogs can even detect the smallest specific marks after several washes, compared to current scientific instruments, the same can be done, but only a maximum of two or fewer washes.
These experiences and tests indicate that these dogs sense of smell can provide valuable information.
Valuable information that can be overlooked during preliminary investigations. Especially where chemical tests are not suitable or even impossible.
This emphasizes the valuable use of crime scene detection dogs for increased sensitivity to specific marks.
Evidence collected at the scene can later be further analyzed for greater evidential value.

Narcotic Detection Dog teams

Our Narcotic Detection teams are specially trained to locate different substances and to alert their handler for the presence of these substances in order to establish the absence of various substances. With this step our company is the first in the Caribbean. We hereby include thinking of:

  • Schools,
  • Transport companies,
  • Sports clubs,
  • Government institutions.
  • Private institutions,
  • Various indoor and outdoor events,

Explosive Detection Dog teams


Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for people to try to make their displeasure clear by placing an improvised explosive for any reason.
A parcel, cargo, vehicles, private and public stitutions are a few of the vulnerable locations where regular prevent a bomb threat.
The specialization that working with these specially trained teams entails also allows civilian companies to perform this task.
Our certified Explosive Detection Dogs can be used by:

  • Preventive searches for improvised explosives (bomb checks);
  • Searches in response to bomb threats;
  • Specific searches for fireworks, weapons and / or ammunition;
  • Cargo checks at air/seaports.