Suspicious indicators can be debunked through a proactive approach.

At Gripp Caribbean Security we strive for an advanced approach to security. An essential component of our approach is predictive profiling, a technique that contributes to an effective and proactive security strategy.

What is predictive profiling?
Predictive profiling, also known as behavioral analysis, is a method aimed at preventing criminal activities and conflicts. It is a form of proactive security, in which our security guards continuously observe and anticipate.
Behavioral analysis is an important element here. During behavioral analysis, the security guard pays attention to deviant behavior of people. These abnormalities are often precursors to an actual conflict. By noticing this, the security guard can identify and tackle risky situations at an early stage.

Predictive profiling by Gripp Caribbean Security
Our team of professionals are trained in applying predictive profiling. They are trained to act before a situation arises. Through the training and experiences, possible deviant behavior is noticed in advance. This is where de-escalation occurs before a possible situation escalates.
This proactive approach enables us to detect potential security risks early and take appropriate measures.

Due to the targeted nature of predictive profiling and the option to combine it with one of the other services of Gripp Caribbean Security or your own organization, we offer you an unprecedented high level of security.
You increase the chance that malicious parties will be discovered and your other visitors will experience pleasant service and security where "Service with a smile" is one of the keys of Gripp Caribbean Security.

Gripp Caribbean Security has certified predictive profilers who can be supplied to our (future) clients under exclusive conditions.

A predictive profiler is:

  • Selected according to TNO research, competencies of a Profiler.
  • Has created the unique Security Profiling assessment, which guarantees that our employees can work proactively.
  • Is a specialist in Security Questioning.
  • Holds an independently recognized title of Operational Security Profiler.
  • Are able to perform Red Teaming exercises.
  • Are continuously tested for alertness by means of Red Teaming.
  • Multilingual and communicative skills.
  • Is a Security & Observation expert.
  • Meets the high quality requirements set within Gripp Caribbean Security.
  • We will regularly work together within Gripp Caribbean Security and be tested in order to keep alertness and quality high.

Benefits of predictive profiling
Predictive profiling offers several benefits, including:
  • Proactive safety: early detection of risks allows us to act preventively.
  • Time for decision making: This technique gives us extra time to make the right decisions.
  • Unnoticed Intervention: our interventions are discreet and often go unnoticed.
  • Customer and visitor friendly: our approach ensures that the experience of other customers and visitors is not disturbed.
  • Versatile: predictive profiling can be used for security in any area.