Security consultancy

Risk are a threat to any business, but you can avoid or minimize its impact by being well prepared with a defined strategy, proper implementation and coordinated contingency planning. With more than 40 years of experience in security and risk management, we can help you limit the impact in a way that saves revenues, businesses and even lives.

Our structured approach to preparation, prevention, response and recovery has helped companies identify policies, procedures and requirements before incidents occur. Should an event occur, we offer services to help you plan and restore business continuity, both locally and globally.

Whether we are reviewing an existing plan or helping you build one, we will collaborate with you and your stakeholders to obtain an accurate picture of your company’s culture, pain points, and current procedures. We will assess your company’s risks to design an effective framework that shifts your organization from reactive to proactive.

Risk assessment

Whether you are updating your security plans, assessing your organization’s risk, or conducting risk assessments as part of a compliance requirement, Gripp Caribbean Security will identify....

Security policy

How confidentiality is your security policy?
How is the integrity and availability on your services?
We at Gripp Caribbean Security can help you with these, and more, question.

Security audits

Gripp Caribbean Security can do checks outs on the security plan and working methods developd up by you, or for you. Do your employees still stand your wishes and requirements? Do your employees know how to act when a situation arises? Not only can we give you the answers to these questions for you, we can also provide solutions.

Red teaming

Red Teaming is a methodology that has been developed into an excellent method for looking into existing structures, methods and systems within an organization and testing them from the perspective of ....

Training & Education

The training and education have been developed by Gripp Caribbean Security and are based on more than 40 years of experience in various contact sports, practical experiences (Close Protection, ....

Security solutions

Whether you are looking for a solution for a short or even longer period, update your security plan or you want to know whether your services still meet today's requirements and your wishes,
Gripp Caribbean Security has the solution to your questions.