Gripp K-9 Unit:

In addition to being well maintained, our vehicles are also striking in Aruba.
They are equipped with 6 of the best kennels for our patrol-, detetion-, and search dogs.
Before putting together the kennels in our vehicles, we did a full research which material is most resistant to the conditions and various weather influences in the Caribbean.
We have a very extensive stock of equipment for our dogs, training items and related goods.

They are equipped with a circulating roof ventilation, extraction system, air conditioning, communications equipment, cooled water and first aid supplies for humans and dogs.
The vehicles do not only have everything for the dogs, but certainly also for the handlers to be prepared for almost any situations.

Gripp visibility teams. 

Gripp Trikke:

Gripp Caribbean Security is since 2011 "Green" and is the first security company in Aruba which offers these services to her business and private market.
The Trikke is a security patrol vehicle that is optimized for patrolling both indoor and outdoor areas.
With its ability to operate both indoors and outdoors, the TRIKKE provides security personnel with a versatile and reliable tool for patrolling a wide range of environments.


Because of the many advantages of this environmentally friendly vehicle, the officer has thereon many advantage on a patrol bike.
A security officer may be combined with the Trikke or save her energy to occur in a conflict or threat of escalation. Not only are these new means of transport environmentally friendly and fast, but because the Trikke is quieter than a car.

  • Green therefore environmentally friendly.
  • Fast and highly manoeuvrable.
  • Energy saving for the security officer.
  • Great radius and easy to use.
  • Safe, the security officer will be standing and therefor has a better overview.
  • The Trikke fits through small streets where a car can not go.
  • The Trikke can not be deterred by poles or bollards in the road.
  • By this way of moving, there is better contact with the public.
  • Silently driving, besites the silently the security officer can hear, smells and looks more.

Gripp Bike Patrol:

Our bike Patrol are equipped with a First AID kit and the necessary items for our officers.
They do not just drive around, but are well trained in observation during patrol and in using the bikes to their advantage during, for example, arrests and irregularities.
Not only can they reach places that cannot be reached by car, but they can also quickly and fast reach the areas in which they patrol.
They are discrete and unnoted in quiet and dark areas, but at the same time they are very noticeable in locations where this is wanted.