Gripp Safety & Security Academy

The training and education have been developed by Gripp Safety & Security Academy and are based on more than 40 years of experience in various contact sports, practical experiences (Close Protection, defense and high-risk security), training patrol dogs, training detection dogs, training dog handlers. .

The training and education are designed for professionals within security, (semi) government, hotel sector, catering and other service sectors. The training and education have a duration of one day to seven consecutive days and nights.

We offer training for almost everyone with and without a dog.

The training and education with dogs have been specially developed for the work. The training with dogs will take longer then 7 training days and will continue till the combination is ready for the work with the dogs. One must prove they work within one of the sectors.

After successfully completing a training and/or education, a certificate will be awarded.

Personal training

Specially developed for women who want to further develop and increase their self-confidence and resilience. The training will be adapted to the ability of the individual woman during the training.
Any feelings of powerlessness arising from experiences will be treated by us as strictly confidential. Experienced expert present.

Private training available.
If you would like more information, please contact us to discuss your wishes and options.

Optimal Defence training

Level 1 is a training especially for those employees with no or minimal experience and commitment.
Hereby we are thinking of employees of ambulance, hotel or other service related sectors that want to broaden their self-defense skills. Years of experience and various contact sports have been incorporated into this training.

The training consists of signaling and to deal with possible upcoming aggression

Education doghandler

In order to work with a dog, it is desirable that, in addition to knowledge of the dog and training, there is knowledge of the applicable laws.
In addition to training the dogs in various disciplines, we provide education that forms the basis of every dog handler training course.
This basic is a mandatory part to participate in the other training courses with the perspective of working as a dog handler.
This not only applies to patrol but certainly also to the search & detection dogs.

Training dog & doghandler

After the required theoretical training has been completed, training with a patrol dog can started.
The dogs are not only trained to bite, but also to use their senses. These senses are very important when working with a patrol dog. At the end of the course, the learned theory and training are brought together in several practical situations where action is of great importance.