Crowd management

The organization of an event is not as simple as most organizations, in the beginning, had in mind and one of the things is security. As an organization you want an event runs smoothly and without problems.

GRIPP Caribbean Security has a very extensive of experience within the event industry of crowd management & control.
Hereby we think of among others music events, business events, sports competitions, weddings, fairs for small groups up to 30.000 visitors.
According to your wishes we can offer you a suitable solution.

Often security is seen as a final item but not by GRIPP Caribbean Security.

Problems are often smothered by well traind security guards who are able to see future "problems". 

If you already use the services within a security organization, it is also an option to make use of our expertise and more than 40 years of experience. For example, it is often possible to save on security costs through more efficient deployment.
We are happy to assist you in exploring together where these cuts can be made. Ask us about your options.
During your event, together with the responsible security organization, we can coach the officers during work. This can be an option so that your event will and can run as smoothly as you want with as few incidents as possible and thus relieve the KPA so they can concetrate on the public order.

Should there nevertheless unexpected problems arisen then we can assist and will discreet and de-escalating take action without to confronting other visitors.

Involvement we find as organization very important this implies that we support from the start of the organisation of an event from license application to the final evaluation to our customers. From planning to implement is our basic principle also additional services you can contact us.

For each event our project manager has had a conversation with the local police this creates good cooperation and a dream team to make your event a big succes.