Preventive observation can, for example, be used in the event of threats to persons or companies, threats of kidnapping, extortion, fraud and the like.
The purpose of preventive observation is to recognize threats at the earliest possible stage and to take action against them. Problems can be prevented by preventive observation to identify your opponent as inconspicuously as possible.

Any organized crime against you, your family, employees or organization is preceded by thorough preparation and observation. The perpetrators will regularly and for extended periods observe you, your family, employees or organization in order to obtain the fullest possible picture of the activities. Preventive observation is often used in combination with personal security (Close Protection).
In fact, it is determining circumstances on the basis of objective observations.

Naturally, all this is done in accordance with the applicable laws of the country in which the work is carried out, with due observance of privacy legislation.

In close consultation with you, as the client, a correct coordination is made on how to use preventive observation so that the private and/or work situation is affected as little as possible.
The honest deployment of our employees in inconspicuous vehicles goes without saying.