International Security & Protection Services, also known as I.S.P.S. Security, is an internationally operating security organization with a great passion for the profession and especially working with our own patrol, search & detetction dogs (narcotic & explosive).

More and more organizations, companies and individuals see that security is no longer considered in our environment, through the hardening of society, crime, robbery, threats and terrorism we are forced to think carefully about our security.

I.S.P.S. Security is an organization that, through experience in their field, offers a complete solution for its (future) clients and almost any security issue. This means that we regularly adjust and expand our services to ensure even better your safety.

  • I.S.P.S. Security is reliable.
  • I.S.P.S. Security is No-nonsense.
  • I.S.P.S. Security is professional.
  • I.S.P.S. Security is transparant
  • I.S.P.S. Security is quality.

International Security & Protection Services