Red Teaming

Red Teaming is a methodology that has been developed into an excellent method for looking into existing structures, methods and systems within an organization and testing them from the perspective of the opponent, your visitors and customers.

Nowadays, there is a lot of confusion when talking about Red Teaming.
Does this mean that the operational methodology of an organization is undermined or do they mean the more serious strategic and tactical analysis technique that breaks the thought patterns of your employees?

Both forms of Red Teaming are useful methods that, together or separately, can provide an organization with a more proactive and security awareness way of working. Customer friendliness can also be taken into consideration here.

Red Teaming exercises are no longer unique worldwide.

Many large and small organizations make major investments every year to increase security awareness and customer friendliness and to prevent malicious parties. An increasingly accepted way of working within security is Proactive security.

 Do you ever ask yourself:

  • do we pay for the security text on their uniform?
  • do we pay for the work we want them to do?
  • how high is the security awareness of our employees?
  • how do our customers and visitors feel?
  • Is the level of our services optimal?

To keep the structure and security methods of your organization as up to date as possible, Gripp Caribbean Security can examine the structure and security methods of your organization.
After our analysis, we will provide you with solid advice on working, thinking and security level.