Licensed by the Ministry of Justice and Security of the Netherlands

Gripp Caribbean Security is a family business based in Aruba and is part of International Security & Protection Services (ISPS Security) based in the Netherlands.
From Aruba, Gripp Caribbean Security provides its services throughout the Caribbean.

Over 40 years of experience in securing your property and keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Close Protection

Highly experienced professionals
with an extensive background.

K-9 Unit

By our own trained K9 unit.
This includes Patrol, Search & Detection dogs

Training & Education

Self-developed training and education programs. Incl certification

Years of

In addition to the many years of experience in educate and training patrol, search and detection dogs, in different types of programs, more than 200 Personal Security Guards have been educated and trained by Mr. P. Huizinga.

In addition to this highly specialized education and trained Close Protection Officers also many aspiring security guards have started their careers after being educated and trained by him.

Training & Education

Thanks to years of experience in the field of safety and security, we have developed our own education, training and certifications.
Due to the way we design the training courses, they are not specific to security employees, but certainly also to other employees. In addition to the theoretical courses, we have developed practical training courses that are accessible to everyone.

We have developed practice-based theory and practical training for training search-, detection dogs and training police/patrol dogs.

After an training or education has been completed with good results, we certify the combinations according to the strict requirements of our certifications. This means that our clients are assured of the qualities of their and our employees.

In addition to these basic courses and training, we provide additional practical training to maintain the qualities of the professionals involved. International guest trainers will regularly be present to assess and improve the qualities.

The training of Gripp Caribbean Security is based on more than 45 years of experience in various sports.
Anyone who encounters this during work can participate.

We have options to several levels from basic to a "to the max".

We are thinking of employees with a background who want to develop themselves even more in the most bizarre situations. During this "to the max" level, not only many self-defense techniques are beeing discussed but also various techniques from the Close Protection (bodyguard) world are also added to this training.
Due to the very extensive development, this training will last ten days and nights in a row.

Not only local people can participate in this "To the Max" training, but certainly also from abroad. During this training we can invite maximum three doghandlers with their own well training patrol dog

Ask us about your options and the costs on our different levels.

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