Hotels & Tourism

The first impression of your customer is important.
I.S.P.S Security offers safety & Security services to hotels, from small fashionable hotels to large multinational chains.
It is very important that a hotel can guarantee the safety of the guests 24 hours a day, their valuable possessions as well as the customers in their bar and restaurant.
Not only these guests and customers are important but also a safe workplace of the employees is of great importance. Our employees are the first and last people to be seen by your guests and are an important business card for your hotel. In fact, the contact between your guests and the security in and around hotels will be more frequent than the hotel's own staff.

I.S.P.S Security understands the responsibilities that this entails while providing security within the Hotel and Tourism.
Employees of I.S.P.S. Security working at hotels and resorts are carefully selected by us and trained, in addition to a friendly attitude, fast and will act correctly in emergency situations.