Traffic controllers

Certified traffic controllers + VCA certificate

Our (future) clients have the choice to use our Professional Traffic Controls, which also have years of experience as a security officer or as dog handler. Therefore they can also be used at higher risk locations.
By using I.S.P.S. Security traffic controllers the work environment can be a lot safer for your employees and traffic.

Our employees can be used for support of heavy transport and on / exits of building sites or in road construction projects.

I.S.P.S. Security ensures that traffic flows more smoothly at:
  • Construction traffic,
  • Construction site,
  • Traffic stops,
  • Traffic accidents,
  • Events,
  • Redirects,
  • Roadworks,
  • Defective traffic lights,
  • Funeral Procession guidance.

Our professional traffic controller is crucial in almost any situation and is National & International 24-hour employable.