Other Services

Besides providing for a large piece of security for your visitors and customers, International Security & Protection Services also provided the necessary support during your event. Our employees have a representative look, customer-oriented, speak multiple languages, kindly, work according to your wishes and provide these services under constant "Service with a Smile"

Our Support Services includes:

Parking controllers:
One annoyance of most visitors is finding a parking space and waiting when you leave the parking lot.
The parking and traffic controllers of I.S.P.S. Security can help your visitors to avoid these annoyances.

Ticket control
Our employees are always ready to welcom your visitor in a friendly way and carefully checking out the tickets.
When whishes they also check on the age and can provide the visitors with the appropriate accreditation. (18+ due to alcohol control).

Cloakroom employees.
After arriving it is very important that your visitors can safely leave their valuables at a save wardrobe. Our employees are carefully selected by us and will remain at your event to make sure at these valuables are save.
Even after your event, they will take care, with the same "services with a smile" to ensure your visitors can get their valuable back in order to close a successful evening..

Public support
After parking without irritation, it is important that your visitors feel at home and get the right information on entering your event. The public support of I.S.P.S. Security is ready for your guests to provide the right information. Our employees have a representative appearance, speak several languages and are very customer oriented.

Your visitor or client only gets a first impression of your organization once, a receptionist is usually the first point of contact within your organization.
Our receptionists are representative, knowledgeable, friendly, motivated and also the business card for your organization.

Hosts en hostesses:
Our hosts and hostesses are, like our other employees, prior to the event in detail prepared for their work.
They can be deployed on a wide range of events such as:
  • Concerts,
  • scholarships,
  • board meetings,
  • Premières,
  • VIP packages,
  • Open days from other education and government institutions.
Promotie Teams
Our Promotion Teams can promote your product with great success.
No product is the same and asks for another approach and sales knowledge of our employees.
Our employees are in possession of a driving license and several years of driving experience.