Security Profiler (OSP)

After a thorough organization and threat analysis, there is a possibility to use the Security Profilers within our organization.
After this thorough analysis, your organization will be aligned with the latest developments in security procedures.
Due to the targeted nature of Security Profiling and the possibility to combine it with one of the other services of I.S.P.S. Security or your own organization, we offer you an unprecedented high level of security.

You increase the chance that malicious parties are discovered and your other visitors experience a pleasant visit.
"Service with a smile" is one of the key's of I.S.P.S.Security.

I.S.P.S.Security has qualified "Security Profilers" that can be delivered to our (future) clients under exclusive conditions.

A Security Profiler is:

  • Selected according to the TNO study, competencies of a Profiler.
  • Has made the unique Security Profiling assessment, which gives us the guarantee that our employees can work proactively.
  • Is a specialist in Security Questioning.
  • Has an independently recognized Operational Security Profiler title.
  • Are able to perform Red Teaming exercises.
  • Are permanently tested for alertness by means of Red Teaming.
  • Multilingual and communication skills.
  • Is a Security & Observation expert.
  • Meets the high quality requirements set within I.S.P.S. Security
  • Will be tested within I.S.P.S. Security to keep alertness and quality high.

More information, contact our office and our specialist will inform you.