Explosive detection dogs

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for people to try to make their displeasure clear by placing an improvised explosive for any reason.
A parcel, cargo, vehicles, private and public institutions are a few of the vulnerable locations where regular prevent a bomb threat.
Since 1998 detecting explosives in the Netherlands is no longer a task that is being carried out exclusively by the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal).
The amount of work that involve intensive search for explosives civilian companies may also perform this task.

Improvised explosives devices (IED) contain at least one of a number of basic explosives.
The Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) of I.S.P.S. Security have been trained to recognize and safely locate these basic substances.

By terrorist threat following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the demand for bomb scouts IED has increased.
Bombscouts Improvised Explosives of I.S.P.S. Security are able to perform a search independently and in combination with the Explosive Detection Dogs they are together a strong team.

Our Explosive Detection Dogs can be used by:

  • Preventive searches for improvised explosives ("bomb checks");
  • Searches in response to bomb threats;
  • Specific searches for fireworks, weapons and / or ammunition;
  • Cargo controls.

Whether it's a bombing, a suspicious package, vehicle or preventive search, our bomb scouts will report fully to their organizations after a survey. After finding an IED the area will be cleared and other auxiliary services on our Bombscouts will publish in a full report immediately so that emergency services can do their work.

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